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Guangdong Team-D Group Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of concrete cutting equipment, with more than ten branches, dozens of patents for drilling cutting equipment, and over ten years of concrete drilling cutting and quarry stones cutting experience. Our main products include hydraulic power unit and hydraulic system, concrete wire saw, concrete wall cutting machine, diamond wire saw, electric breaker and hammer, drilling machine and other concrete machines and equipment, widely used in various construction concrete engineering. All types of machines of our company are developed and constantly improved through our experienced professionals' own engineering practice, and given consideration to all kinds of details, the performance has upgraded to the extreme. With superior products and considerate services, Team-D sincerely looks forward to cooperate with you! Details

Main Products
    1. Hydraulic Wire Saw
    2. TDSJ-B3 Diamond Concrete Wire Cutting TDSJ-B3 diamond concrete wire cutting is especially designed for cutting extremely thick and heavily reinforced concrete or irregular and complex ...
    1. Concrete Wall Cutting Machine
    2. Concrete Wall Cutting Machine As one of the advanced cutting machine, TD model concrete wall cutting machine is a high quality construction equipment, featured as maximum cutting depth of 830mm ...
    1. Concrete Core Drilling Machine
    2. Concrete Core Drilling Machine TDZK-1000 concrete core drilling machine with maximum drilling diameter of 1000mm has advantages of safety, high efficiency and strong applicability.
    1. Concrete Road Cutting Saw
    2. Concrete Road Cutting Saw Concrete road cutting saw with maximum cutting depth of 430mm, which is widely applied to cutting and dismantling of floor, beam and wall of buildings.
    1. Diamond Wire Saw
    2. Diamond Wire Saw Diamond wire saw is a kind of sawing equipment functioned as cutting and sawing. According to the cutting object, it can be divided into four series: concrete, marble, granite and special-shaped stone.
    1. Concrete Circular Saw Blade
    2. Concrete Circular Saw Blade The electric breaker can be used as a breaker tool or other appropriate attachments such as chisel, spade and so on, which can perform breaking, chipping, digging, slotting, cutting and other works ...

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