Innovative solution for concrete removal and building maintenance

Brother Company was founded in 2006 as an innovative specialist in providing excellent solutions for a variety of special construction projects such as large structure cutting in buildings, bridges, nuclear power plant and tunnel construction, underwater concrete cutting, building rectification, translation, steel bar planting and reinforcement. Each of these tasks requires special, heavy duty construction equipment that customers can rely on to get the job done safely and efficiently. We offer a comprehensive range of high quality and cost effective concrete cutters and accessories including hydraulic wire saws, hydraulic wall saws, hydraulic power units, floor cutter, road cutter, wall saw blades and diamond wires to help customers easily achieve this goal. And our products, systems and services offer innovative solutions with outstanding added value to customers in the construction and building maintenance industries. If you need concrete cutting machines, feel free to contact us.

Hydraulic Wire Saw and Wall Saw Specialist
    1. Wall Saw

      Combining the function of rebar saw and concrete saw, the cutting equipment is perfect for reinforced concrete cutting in the renovation of building, bridge, metro, tunnel and other special constructions, and for underwater concrete cutting.

    1. Wire Saw (with Vertical Frame)

      Our TD type hydraulic wire saw offers an efficient, safe and economical solution for wire sawing of concrete and reinforced concrete in bridge, tunnel, supporting beam and other structure cutting projects.

    1. Wire Saw (with Flywheel)

      It is designed for simple and user friendly operation, high portability, efficiency improvement and cost reduction. Used with a wall saw, the diamond wire saw can one-machine dual use purpose. In addition, flywheel design enables it to cut super hard objects.

    1. Walk Behind Concrete Saw / Floor Saw

      The floor saw, also called asphalt saw or flat saw is an electrically operated cutter designed for cutting highway road, flat concrete road, urban asphalt road, and stone in bridge, tap water supply system, thermal power pipeline and airport constructions.

    1. Wall Saw Blades

      In addition to that, the rugged cutting tools come with excellent sharpness and durability. They are designed with non-standard blade teeth that boast a height of 16mm, with sharpness and service life 4 times increased than traditional 12mm teeth.

    1. Diamond Wire

      It can be used to cut large structures or constructions. This diamond tool is suitable for all kinds of mining applications, providing numerous advantages such as high cutting efficiency, flat and smooth cut sections, low cost, easy operation, high safety and environment protection.